FOREVER LOGOIn Forever’s upcoming Episode 7, “New York Kids,” Dr. Tyler Forester (Christian Scheider) founder of a free medical clinic and the son of a Wall Street billionaire, is awarded one of the city’s highest honors for his humanitarian efforts. A few hours later, he is found dead in his tiny apartment. Henry and Jo discover that Tyler’s life of privilege and those of his thick-as-thieves Hamilton School classmates took a fateful turn one night many years ago. Now, the nightmare they thought they buried deep within themselves has come back to haunt them. Meanwhile, Henry recalls being faced with the terrible dilemma of being forced to decide between saving a man’s life and protecting his own secret. Now, he is faced with the same predicament, but will he come to the same conclusion? And Abe shares a deeply held secret of his own with Henry. Watch Forever Episode 7 “New York Kids” on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 at 10|9c.


Christian in WORDS AND PICTURES opposite Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche.

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AND on stage @ Guild Hall in East Hampton in the Tony-Award Winning Play, RED by John Logan.

Directed by Stephen Hamilton.


“’Red’ presents a very specific challenge to the players. Like sex appeal, intellectual gravitas cannot be faked onstage. Either you have it or you don’t, and these two actors have it. It enables them to spar on a visceral level, down and dirty, laying bare the desperation and cruelty of artistic genius and the hopes and ambition of the next generation… As Ken, Rothko’s assistant, Mr. Scheider gives as good as he gets… Mr. Scheider’s forthright performance takes him effortlessly through the shoals. This actor has so much power, he could easily blow the intimate space up during the climactic confrontation scene… If you are serious about art and the theater pick up the phone and get a ticket…”

T.E. McMorrow – East Hampton Star

“As these men take a winding course toward their truth, the audience is right alongside them, feeling all the pain and inspiration, made deliciously palpable by Victor Slezak and Christian Scheider…. The audience is left with a great deal to chew on and consider—and its impact is no small thing, no matter what one takes away.”

Oliver Peterson – Dan’s Papers

“Ken, played by Mr. Scheider… is that callow, unformed youth in the first scene, and it’s thrilling to watch as he finds his own voice and stature near the end. He nimbly captures the sense of becoming at the moment of our adult awakening. You want to cheer and say, ‘Attaboy!’”

Lorraine Dusky – Southampton Press



“Mr. Scheider, as the sensitive painter, hits an absolute home run during [his] time onstage… He attacks his character with gusto—from the mellifluous, lilting [British] accent to his artistic hand flourishes—and is absolutely riveting… [He] mightily impressed this grizzled reviewer. Multiple ovations!”

                                                                        – Dawn Waston, Southampton Press



 CHRISTIAN SCHEIDER is a graduate of Bard College, where he received a B.A. in Philosophy and studied theater extensively, and where he trained as an actor. Recently, Scheider performed in “Words & Pictures” directed by Fred Schepisi opposite Clive Owen and Juliet Binoche, which premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and will be released in theaters nationwide this April. His theater roles have ranged from John in Eccentricities of A Nightingale by Tennessee Williams to Ronald Reagan/Adolf Hitler/Queen Elizabeth in Passion Play by Sarah Ruhl. Scheider produced, directed and performed in 8, a dramatization of the Proposition 8 trials in California written by Academy-Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. Scheider’s production was set in the actual court room of a predominantly conservative township in Duchess County, NY. This past August in Sag Harbor, Scheider starred in Ray Bradbury’s The Murderer which he and artist Tucker Marder co-adapted, produced and staged for the first time in the work’s fabled, fifty year history.


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